Market Map Allocates To Long Bond

As another predefined date for asset allocation action as defined * by the Market Map model has been reached, at this time the model is indicating an allocation from cash (position allocated on 01/24/2014) to a 75% allocation in the iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT). The model identified 15 previous instances of allocation to long bonds in the investment timeline since 1924.

BOND record

ScreenHunter_174 Jul. 07 21.27

The long bond allocations within the full record of model allocation changes can be seen here

* Objective # 3. To make infrequent asset allocation changes occurring on fixed, predefined dates during the course of market cycles. See objectives


2 thoughts on “Market Map Allocates To Long Bond

  1. So is the model currently at 75% long bonds and 25% cash? Is there a way to post what the current model is in at a given time?

    • The model will stay in bonds until 9/29/14, then it will switch to equity ETF’s ( SPY or QQQ ) until a minimum date of 1/16/2015 ( depending on component 3 calculation )

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